Was It Weird I Listened To "Im God" By Clams Casino's When I Lost My Virginity

from Selected Sewer Works (2017​-​19) by Sewerslvt

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Ethan Enem
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Ethan Enem it's great hearing your progression both musically and as a sad boy. big ups to you <3
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Vile The drum and bass section in this song makes me convulse violently and shoot hot cum. Thank you.


I don't really need to explain given the title, but as stupid as it is losing that meant sometime to me in my adolescence, & now it's gone & I feel like I lost a lot more than just that. In just 30 mins all that frustration and inadequacy ended in a explosive catharsis but after theres just nothing.

I'm on top of a euphoric summit and everything just seems so distant now I know that I've reached my peak, but there's nothing else to achieve, nothing to be proud of, & now I look back at all the time I wasted trying to achieve this euphoria and all the money I spent & all the time I jerked off thinking it was for nothing, I wasted it all, & time like that never comes back.

at the very least I still have the rest of my life to figure out what is worth worrying about, like what's really waterproof or something.


from Selected Sewer Works (2017​-​19), track released October 29, 2018